The Ice Cream Girls – Episode 3

Fri 3 May 2013 9.00pm – 10.00pm ITV

ICE_CREAM_GIRLS2Coming face to face with Serena for the first time in seventeen years, Poppy learns that her burgeoning romance with Al is to be shortlived, for he is a journalist. When Poppy is then arrested for approaching Serena, she hits an all time low. Back inside a cell, Poppy finds herself alone and helpless.

Serena’s life also takes an unexpected turn for the worse when her identity as the second Ice Cream girl is exposed to Evan and Vee. Devastated by his wife’s betrayal, Evan leaves taking Vee with him. With nothing left to lose, Serena decides it is time to confront the past once and for all as she visits Poppy in detention. Both Serena and Poppy deny murdering Marcus and as they piece together their memories of the fateful night they both finally believe the other is telling the truth…

The Ice Cream Girls – Episode 1

Fri 19 Apr 2013  9.00pm – 10.00pm  ITV

Poppy  Carlisle  and  Serena  Gorringe  were  briefly  friends  in  the  summer  of  1995.  But  one night  that  summer,  a  horrific  tragedy  would  strike  and  change  their  lives  forever.

Today  Serena  returns  to  her  hometown  for  the  first  time  in  seventeen  years,  stirring  up memories  of  the  secret  she  has  concealed  from  her  husband  and  daughter.  Serena  is haunted  by  the  memory  of  a  teenage  love-­affair  with  her  teacher,  Mr.  Halnsley  -  an  affair that Continue reading ‘The Ice Cream Girls – Episode 1’ »

ITV presents The Ice Cream Girls

ICE_CREAM_GIRLS2International  best  selling  novel  The  Ice  Cream Girls  has  been  adapted  for  ITV  by  Left  Bank Pictures.

Lorraine  Burroughs  (DCI  Banks,  Lip  Service,  Fast Girls)  and  Jodhi  May  (The  Scapegoat,  The  Jury, Strike  Back)  play  the  lead  roles  of  Serena  Gorringe and  Poppy  Carlisle.

The  story  follows  two  vulnerable  teenage  girls who,  in  the  summer  of  1995,  are  accused  of murdering  their  schoolteacher.  For  seventeen years,  the  two  girls  go  their  separate  ways,  Poppy having  been  charged  with  the  murder.  Now  in 2013,  they  are  forced  to  confront  each  other  and their  dark,  shared  history.

While  the  drama  plays  out  in  the  present,  the events  of  that  fateful  summer  unfold  in  flashback sequences.  Had  it  not  been  for  Serena’s  teacher, Marcus  (Martin  Compston),  these  two  girls  from very  different  backgrounds  might  never  have  met.

As  a  lawyer’s  daughter,  Serena  appears Continue reading ‘ITV presents The Ice Cream Girls’ »


ICE_CREAM_GIRLS3Serena  Farleigh  is  a  middle  class  housewife  living  in  Leeds  with  her  teenage  daughter  and husband,  a  doctor.  She  is  returning  to  the  South  Coast  after  seventeen  years  to  care  for  her dying  mother.

Serena  was  born  late  August  1978  to  Rachel  and  Pete  Gorringe.  Her  sister,  Fez  is  three  years her  senior.  Their  father  left  home  in  1981  and  Serena  never  knew  him.  As  a  child,  Serena  was bright  and  popular.  She  did  well  at   Continue reading ‘SERENA – LORRAINE  BURROUGHS’ »


ICE_CREAM_GIRLS4Poppy  was  born  in  October  1976.   The  result  of  a  casual  fling,  she  never  knew  her  father.

Poppy’s  mother  Liz  was  only  nineteen  when  she  had  Poppy,  still  almost  a  child  herself.   She continued  to  live  with  her  own  mother  (Poppy’s  Gran)  who  took  on  a  great  deal  of  the  load of  looking  after  Poppy.   Poppy  grew  up  feeling  she  had  to  emotionally  support  her  mother, as  Liz  was  not  very  reliable.   Poppy’s  early  years,  however,  were  relatively  happy.   Although she  was  quiet  at  school  and  felt  the  ‘free  meals/one  parent  family’  stigma  strongly,  she  had a  very  strong  relationship  with  her  grandmother,  who  helped  her  with  school  work  and encouraged  her  to  be  ambitious.    Gran  also  taught  Poppy  how  to  cook

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ICE_CREAM_GIRLS7Marcus  was  born  in  a  coastal  town  near  Glasgow  in  1968  and  was  the  youngest  of  six children.  Post  University,  Marcus  moved  to  the  southern  coast  in  1992.  There  he  joined  a teacher  training  college  where  he  trained  as  a  maths  teacher.  It  was  here  that  he  fell  for  his lecturer,  Marlene.  They  began  an  on-­‐off  relationship  in  1993,  which  lasted  several  years.

Marlene  would  often  try  to  end  the  affair  but  Marcus  always  convinced  her  otherwise, sometimes  even  threatening  to  inform  her  superiors.  After  completing  the  course,  Marcus became  a  teacher  at  Serena’s  school  and  became  a  well-­‐liked  and  active  staff  member.  He became  head  of  department  in  1994.  Marcus  Hansley  was  27  years  old  when  he  was murdered.


Of  1st  generation,  Jamaican  parents,  born  around  1956.   Rachel  worked  hard  to  get  to University  to  study  law  in  the  1970’s  and  the  birth  of  her  two  daughters  did  not  stop  her from  achieving  her  goal.  Her  marriage  however  broke  down  after  Serena’s  third  birthday.

Undeterred,  Rachel  became  a  solicitor  for  the  local  family  law  firm  and  soon  became  known for  her  loyal  support  of  women  who  had  been  let  down  by  their  partners.  She  would  often stay  late  advising  her  female  clients  through  difficult  times,  sometimes  to  her  daughters’ annoyance.

Rachel  has  recently  been  diagnosed  with  pancreatic  cancer  and  has  been  given  six  months  to live.


Evan  had  always  wanted  to  be  a  doctor.  Calm,  unflappable  and  from  a  family  of  doctors based  in  Leeds,  his  chosen  Calling  was  no  great  surprise.  Born  to  loving  parents,  with  a couple  of  older  sisters  who  mothered  him,  Evan  doesn’t  know  what  it’s  like  not  to  be  loved.

This  self  confidence  makes  him  kind  and  generous.

Evan  fell  in  love  with  Serena,  pretty  much  when  he  first  saw  her.   When  she  got  pregnant,  he took  it  in  his  stride.  It  was  earlier  than  he  had  expected  to  settle  down,  but  by  no  means  the end  of  the  world.  He’s  a  family  man  and  would  do  anything  for  Vee  and  Serena

Cast Quotes

ICE_CREAM_GIRLS2On  The  Ice  Cream  Girls…
Jodhi  May  (Poppy):  It’s  a  story  about  two  girls  who  are  involved  in  a  murder  when  they’re teenagers.  One  of  them  is  acquitted  and  one  of  them  is  sent  to  prison.  After  seventeen  years my  character  Poppy  is  released  from  prison.  It’s  really  about  the  relationship  between  these
two  girls  and  how  their  lives  have  changed.  How  one  has  been  burdened  with  the  past  and one  has  lived  in  denial  of  it.  It’s  a  really  great  drama  because  we  don’t  see  enough  female led  dramas  and  these  are  two  great,  strong,  female  roles.
Lorraine  Burroughs  (Serena):  It’s  about  two  girls  leading  completely  polar  opposite  lives.
One  of  them  locked  up  for  seventeen  years  and  the  other  going  off  to  university,  meeting the  love  of  her  life,  having  a  baby,  and  creating  a  whole  new  life.  Serena  has  created  a  family for  herself  in  Leeds  but  has  had  to  come  back  to  Brighton  where  the  piece  is  set  to  look  after her  mother.  You  want  to  see  what  happens  to  these  girls.  Essentially,  who  was  it  that actually  did  this  crime?  I  think  it  will  keep  people  on  the  edge  of  their  seats.

On  the  characters…

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